Sweet Baby Lash


This lash is perfect for achieving sexy and playful eyes. The L’Face Mink Lashés are unlike synthetic lashes you can find in drug stores. They’re made with a soft cotton band, which makes them lightweight, comfortable, and super easy to apply. Our mink hair also provides each lash strand with a tapered effect, just like a natural hair should because they are always shaped by hand, never cut.

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Our Barely Naked medium volume mink lashes are designed with a wispy pattern to give you a natural look that’s perfect for everyday wear. These beautiful mink lashes are designed to blend and look just like your natural lashes.


  • Average 15-30 uses per pair depending on care
  • Lightweight, with a thin, flexible, microfiber lash band
  • Black lash band blends into lash line for a natural look
  • 100% sterilized mink fur with a cotton band
  • Clear plastic lash tray and cover for easy lash storage

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